RICT 2023

57th International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry

Drug Discovery and Selection

 Lille, France    July 5-7, 2023

Discover Lille

Old Lille is a firm favourite with the tourists: for its cobbled, winding streets, full of charm, and for its luxury and fashion boutiques, historical and architectural heritage, as well as the bars and restaurants.

Lille centre is the city’s beating heart, its pedestrian streets buzzing with shoppers. The outdoor cafés and bars of the Grand Place, Place du Théâtre and Place Rihour are where northerners express their sociable and fun-loving side.

The working-class district, Gambetta-Wazemmes, is also popular with the Lillois for its hive of activity and shops. Sunday morning hosts the friendly bustle of the legendary Wazemmes Market.

The area around the train stations and Euralille symbolises the city’s exchange and openness to the region, France and Europe. It’s also a symbol of Lille’s economic drive - business people and executives step off the TGV, Eurostar and trains from Belgium had head into France’s third largest business district in France.